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Any and all crafts welcome as long as it is handmade by you.

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created by dawnvivant a community for 4 months

Autumn 2013 Craft Exchange

Please create an account or log in to register for Autumn 2013 Craft Exchange.



Sign-ups begin - Monday, August 19th
Sign-ups end - Sunday, August 25th at 12 pm PT
Emails sent to retrieve your match - August 25th
Crafts should be sent by September 16th

The Exchange

The theme for this exchange is Autumn! Cold weather is around the corner and you might have already begun your Fall projects, so why not share them with your fellow crafty redditors? Some project ideas include (but are not limited to): Scarves, mittens, hats, jewelry, wreaths or other home decor, candles, soaps, amigurumi or plushies, even traditional art such as paintings.

For this exchange, flaired users will only be matched with other flaired participants, and non-flaired ones will be matched with other non-flaired ones. If you have participated in an exchange in the past but havenít received flair, please let us know by sending links to the posts where you and your exchange partner have announced that you received the items.

This exchange will only be as good as its participants, just like other exchanges, please only commit if you are serious about spending time to make a hand-made gift. Please put some real effort into this exchange, as you will have two weekends to work on your item!

Sometimes projects take longer than expected. If you realize towards the deadline that you do not have enough time to complete your gift, please let your match know how long they will have to wait. Remember this is all about the GIVING!


Simply register here. Make you sure you fill out some good details about yourself!

After you've registered, come back to this thread and state that you've registered. This way we can make sure that you are actually committed and have read all of this information. If you do not comment in the thread, your information will not be saved on the website.

After receiving your gift, post about it on /r/craftexchange, of course!

If you run into any bugs, or have any questions. please feel free to contact us:
  •  For questions or concerns about the craft exchange, contact DawnVivant
  •  For site bugs, contact OddManOut